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 Jet Aerospace is a venture in the field of Education & Research, enriching the Troughs and Opportunities in aviation/aerospace industry. Initiated by young and dynamic team enthusiastic in technological innovation.  We aim to achieve the height of quality & quantity in aerospace technology. 

Research Eligibility :  BE/B.Tech, ME/M.Tech, MS, PhD, Professionals, Staff  - Aerospace, Aeronautical and All Departments

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            Centre of excellence is a shared facility that provides leadership, best practices, research support for all focused area. The Centre of excellence brings together varied skills and practices to create a new aspect in research. Also the Centre of Excellence will pave way for the students to earn a chance to explore a new concept of research and development in different areas. It will work in all dimensions and provide complete support in improving student’s capabilities and knowledge. It can be utilized by students, staffs and professionals from any engineering department. This will be a great opportunity for the students to enhance their technical skills in their interested area.

             The center of excellence activities is incorporated by eminent research persons and distinguished research scholars from various research areas. This in turn will associate the gap between the global requirement and academic standard.


            1. The Research Centre will be active throughout the year. Through the Research Centre we would like to incorporate Research Activities & improve the skill set                    of engineering students in Research and Development of UAV and help them employable. 

           2. Through this Research Centre activity, students will gain ability to bridge the gap between college education and requirements of Research & Development 

                in Aviation & Aerospace sector. 

           3. To facilitate knowledge transfer through Conferences, Workshops/Symposiums/Seminars/EDP Programs, Airshows, Academic Project guidance, Research                         Projects. 

            4. Through the Research Centre facilities we will assist students in Journal Publish, Patent Rights, Research Internships, Aerospace & Aviation courses. 

           5. To assist in possible placement activities by introducing and developing contacts with industries and establishing relationship between them on the basis of                   company terms and conditions. 

           6. To assist the students in possible EDP/HRD activities. 


            1. To organize Research & Development programs and short & long term training sessions on Unmanned Vehicles and Aviation sector. 

            2. To organize conferences and workshops once in six months for Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering students of the college to enlighten them on the                                 Aerospace and Aviation sector.

            3. To provide required equipment (Fabrication Material, Electric components, Mechanical toolset...etc.) to the students during training sessions. If any fund is                        provided by management then the Research Centre can be developed further. 

            4. To provide assistance for Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering students of the college to undergo internships, industrial trainings and in-plant visits. 

            5. To provide possible Placement (optional), Job Internship Assistance in the industries for students those enrolled in the training program conducted by the                       First party. 

             6. To involve proficient students in research projects funded by various organizations. 

             7. To provide guidance for students in their academic project works.