On Job Training Registration

Duration: 1 month to 6 months,  Eligiblity: Any year, Any Stream

Roles & Responsibilities:

1) For a period of time you will be given basic training by us.

2) Your major responsibility is to help in design and development of UAV for other students during research internships and projects.

3) You will be part of UAV Assembling and Development team.

4) To be Part of coordinators and to conduct Workshops, Seminars and to be available for knowledge sharing in other institutions through our Centre of Excellence for  the benefit of students.

5) To be good relationship developers with other institutions by working with us to establish Centre of Excellence (UAV/UAS) by signing MoU.

6) You can do research projects and free research paper publish during this training period.

7) If we are satisfied with your performance and conduct we may offer you a permanent job role in our organisation.

8) You will be treated as golden members in our organisation. You are eligible for all included concessions and benefits.

9) You will have coordinators to support you during all processes of your work. Your duties will be assigned according to your knowledge and convenience.

10) Incase of any disciplinary issues immediate action will be taken.


Seperate accomodations available for boys and girls (AC/Non AC).

Food Facilities are available nearby.