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Jet Aerospace was started Six years ago by a group of passionate Aerospace engineers with an aim to achieve the heights of aerospace & aviation industry. Jet Aerospace is an advanced Non profit technological forum under APJ Abdul Kalam Research Foundation India, for the Researchers & Scholars "to promote the innovations in Science and Technology“ by displaying their knowledge in the vicinity of Science and Technology for the service of mankind and the advancement of general welfare. We are standing tall in the field of Research & Technology , our objective is to provide a platform which will promote, encourage and support Scholars, Researchers & Professionals to carry and accomplish their research work.

We are an association of excellent Universities, Academician’s, Professionals, Scientists, Engineers and Scholars with the mission to accomplish quality knowledge and innovative technological forum for Researchers & Scholars. We aim to provide and fulfill the requirements of everyone ranging from the academic and professional research communities to industrial practitioners by conducting and sponsoring technical meetings, conferences, symposiums and exhibitions all over India and abroad.


                Our service portfolio includes support  education and research activities in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Micro/Mini Aerial Vehicles, Unmanned Systems and Avionics etc., We have a young and dynamic team enthusiastic in technological innovation and entrepreneurship. The  founders and other members of  Jet  Aerospace Team themselves have a wonderful record in the field of aviation.       


                  We offer a range of services, all designed to help the people to explore their potentials in the field of aviation. Whether you're looking for Manufacturing, Aeromodeling/Robotics, R&D-UAV/MAV, small  scale aviation projects or industry related courses, we have you covered.


  • To provide a world class platform to researchers to share the research findings by organizing International/National Conferences.
  • To use the research output of the conference in the class room for the benefits of  the students.
  • To encourage researchers to identify significant research issues in identified areas, in the field of Science, Engineering, Technology and Management.
  • To help dissemination of their work through publications in a journal or in the form of conference proceedings or books.
  • To help them in getting feedback on their research work for improving the same and making them more relevant and meaningful, through collective efforts.
  • To encourage regional and international communication and collaboration; promote professional interaction and lifelong learning; recognize outstanding   contributions of individuals and organizations; encourage scholar researchers to pursue studies and careers in relative branches and its applications.
  • To set up, establish, maintain and manage centers of excellence for the study of /on related subjects and discipline and also to run self supporting projects for the benefit of needy persons, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.
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To merge all the technical fields together & form a new dimension of Research.
To provide a node to exchange ideas and technology.
To promote technology among the researchers.

 Technical Board Members:

         1. Dr. K Tamilmani, Director General - Aeronautical Systems (Chief Controller R&D)-DRDO 

         2. Dr.R.Jeganathan.  Rtd. Additional Director -  DRDO 

         3. Dr.S. Manikandan,  Scientist at LRDE / DRDO 


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